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Shortcut Zen of Mastery Reminds You Of Your Opportunities!

Again and again, you have focused on what's lost, rather than what remains, hm?
Stopping long enough to examine and measure your opportunities alters your view!
Stop ignoring the enormous quantity and quality of opportunities all around you.
The single act of being more observant is a shortcut, a great secret of success.
The single act of being more observant means looking and listening more talking.
Too preciously few ever stop to realize that they only listen in petty waiting,
waiting for the opportunity to speak their endless and ill-informed opinions.
Today is a wonderful day to realize why you have two ears, only one mouth.
It's one high-speed shortcut for finding Your powers doubling quickly.
Be wise enough to listen more to those who prove to be doing more.
This does not merely work SOME of the time
it's among the greatest of all known success shortcuts,
among the most obviously hidden secrets of success.
Use this potent shortcut, now. See for yourself.
Not for nothing, this\s your shortcut capital.
Less talking, more shortcuts, more doing.
Count it among YOUR great shortcuts.

Allow shapetalk to guide you well.