The Best Place To Start Winning - The Best Place To Glean Shortcuts

First and foremost, today is the best place to start.
This is the time to engage your Shortcut Zen of Mastery.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, where today is your gift,
which we know because we call it "The present."     Is a present not a gift?
In your case, it is the gift of 1,440 separate minutes per day.   Use use them.
Each of your minutes is an opportunity to embrace mediocrity or excellence with your actions.
If everything in your life is as you would have it, make no changes.
If your life is NOT running perfectly, only change in effort produces any change in results.
Everyone seems to know just what to do; so few take the actions they know will produce benefit.

Well, now we shall see if you're full of hot air, or full of excellence.
Ee next few hours will tell us clearly who and what you are.
Decide what you what and state it out loud in 10 words or less.
Invest enough minutes in YOUR future to create the magic list:
the list of 100 people and organizations who can help you now.
YOU will PERSONALLY ask for their help and you will win.

Begin asking those on the list in this very day.
I promise you massive, MASSIVE results,
better and faster than ever before,
in these next thousand minutes.
There is no better shortcut,
no more powerful shortcut:
asking for what you want.

Within and without the Shortcut Zen of Mastery,
this is the one single most potent fact you will ever learn.
Asking more people more times each will always bring you more.
Prepare for the best twelve months of your life, exciting and beyond.
Since your way has not worked and because all of this is free for your life,
one shortcut each day accelerates your success. In 100 days, you tend to double.

Learn more so you can earn more, with the Shortcut Zen of Mastery.

Learn more in order to live more, with your Shortcut Zen of Mastery.
Designed with determination for your success, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You
These are the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and provably YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here. The Shortcut Zen of Mastery is free for your life,
because more and more people believe that the Shortcut Zen of Mastery is the best place to start achieving more,
the best place to start winning more, based on the best shortcuts of those who achieve the most... repeatedly.

The Shortcut Zen of Mastery

The largest body of work by a human being,
and the only one in human history with thousands of hand-crafted colors.
Over a million unique pages, hundreds of thousands of mirror pages.
Tens of thousands of digital art creations from one pair of prolific hands,
with endless agonizing over each hand-crafted color; many thousands of them.
The best way to pay for this is to use these shortcuts to thrive... and give.

The only body of art in history with thousands of uniquely-crafted colors.

Both the Shortcut Zen of Mastery and the Shortcut Zen of Mastery,
along with more than a thousand other MisterShortcut self-help sites
mean to help you to empower yourself, by helping you to help yourself.

You embark here and now on the greatest internal journey of a lifetime.
Welcome to the Shortcuts Capital of the Universe, from your chief cheerleader.

The Shortcut Zen of Mastery on Empowerment and Self-Empowerment

Empowerment? Self-empowerment? These are personal decisions.
Whatever tools you seem to think you'll need before hitting YOUR high notes, you're mistaken.
Every tool you need is already in your possession, the tricks and shortcuts and wisdom of those who came first.
Inside every human, including you, there is a voice of guidance. From today, you're going to start listening more.
When people younger than you ask a question that your age entitles you to answer, you have all the answers.
The one single self-constructed obstacle dissolves in seconds when you see what's waiting for you.
The best years of your life are about to start. You've always wanted shortcuts. Here they are.

The most repeatedly effective shortcuts of masters and champions,
The Shortcut Zen of Mastery is delivered for your life,
by The Godfather of Shortcuts
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Hard to find a more noble effort within the Shortcut Zen of Mastery.   What goes around....
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