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Naturally, there are those who are so tiny, so insecure, that they are "able" to share little, if at all.

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Delight in the pleasures of the Shortcut Zen of Mastery.
All of your days and all of your ways are subject to attitude.
In fact, attitude supersedes aptitude in determining your altitude.
That does not mean that attitude solves all of your problems.
It means that attitude puts you into resolution mode.
When you are determined to resolve, you resolve,
carrying us back to your own deep attitudes.
Elicit your self-empowering attitudes.
Live YOUR Shortcut Zen of Mastery

Not quite a commercial interruption (to already-mercantile efforts), both Shortcut Zen of Mastery and Highway of All Longevity are about self-empowerment.
The Master Secrets Of The Universe videos are particularly self-empowering, sharing information hardly or not at all available elsewhere on the internet.

Learning more tends to lead to living more. Plus, it's impossible for a human to learn less about anything. This promotes the wisdom of edifying self and others.
Thus, videos designed and produced by MisterShortcut which incorporate essential secrets of the Shortcut Zen of Mastery are shared with you... for you.
Help yourself enough, and perhaps you'll be inspired to reach out and help the helpless. If you already help the helpless, perhaps an increase?
Learn and enjoy, and, above all, take the steps that YOU deem to be most helpful with respect to the true horrors of electrical pollution.

What other form of pollution is as toxic to mammals, since we are exposed to emf radiation around the clock, every day of our lives?
We're surrounded by electrical wires, and now, wireless transmitters which are almost-infinitely more toxic to organs and glands.
Electrical molecules are low-polarity: They're not only spinning in the wrong direction, stealing free electrons from us,
as well, those molecules are spinning at very low speed... which steals even MORE free electrons, making us weak.
Self-proclaimed and other so-called experts can seek to refute all day long: TESTS PROVE OTHERWISE!
Never mind basic kinesiology (muscle-testing, which cannot pass double-blind placebo studies):
Use of BDORT (medically-patented!) and QRA testing proves how weak we get near electricity.

The Shortcut Zen of Mastery promotes great health, thus, these videos amidst "domainizing."
Obviously, you're welcome to skip past the videos occasionally embedded in these pages.
It's easy enough to hit the spacebar or scroll down the page to skip the videos.
That said, you're encouraged to learn more, in aim of living stronger longer.
In this video, learn a bit about why you eat and eat and eat and eat....

Why You Get Hungry - Most Amazing Info Videos - Boosting Energy In Food - (

Highway of All Longevity Domains Collection

Naturopath Health Domains - Highway of All Longevity Naturopathic Broker

The way of the naturopath proves a bit more sensible than that of the allopath, who is a medical doctor pimping drugs and surgery.
As surprising as it is for most people, not even one in one hundred thousand medical doctors has a single hour of training in healing.
That's scientifically accurate, because MD's are taught biology, symptomology, & how to match products & surgeries with symptoms.
Naturopaths do not have to treat or cure or heal: The naturopath looks at underlying cause creating the symptom - safer, faster, cheaper.
The naturopath kills no one with surgery: The naturopath does not use surgery, which is invasive, and creates electrical interference points.
Those interference points are the reason why metabolites - leftovers which are toxic - do not clear areas of trauma and injury that we all suffer.
More pertinently to your immediate grasp, medical doctors are skilled salespeople, convincing you they care while charging criminally high fees.
Worse, more than one hundred thousand people die directly from medical care errors for every one who does because they got no medical care.
The naturopath does not kill, because the naturopath uses natural, safe approaches to self-healing that are proven to work safely and effectively.
The Highway of All Longevity supports consulting with medical doctors for an acute emergency of bleeding, and, generally, for broken bones.
For chronic care needs, which are outside of the M.D.'s medical skill in acute care, the Highway of All Longevity chooses the naturopath,
most of all naturopaths using bdort - bidigital O-ring test - and QRA (), the world's most advanced clinical tool.
The naturopath engages a healthier way, the natural way, the way most appropriate to the Highway of All Longevity methodology.
The Highway of All Longevity urges you to learn more about naturopaths, in hope you will live more, thus able to give more.

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If smart enough to buy domains, you are smart enough to write or acquire high-quality information to make each site unique.
in concurrence with the Shortcut Zen of Mastery, always recommends a multi-pronged approach.
If three men surround one, the chances can still be even on who triumphs. This does not happen when you surround him with twenty.
This is a part of why the Highway of All Longevity offers so many naturopathically-related domains in one big, sweet package arangement.
With hospitals and medical doctors provably killing some thousands of people per day (see Null, et alia), few if any naturopath-induced deaths,
we are wise indeed to learn about the way of the naturopath, leading us to adopt the way of the naturopath, living our own Highway of All Longevity.

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Self-Health Energy Program - Information Exchange - Highway of All Longevity Protocol
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Quantum Energy is, at root, Quantum Vastu Energy - Learn about vastu, which impacts you HUGELY, in many ways. Vastu is the oldest formal science

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The Highway of All Longevity is certain that QVials will change your life - The most powerful minerals on earth - QVial is filled with minerals supercharged by multiple processes - Highway of All Longevity favorite - Holding one of the QVials at the highest point on your head IMMEDIATELY strengthens all brain points, a huge health, brain, and life benefit
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Shortcut Zen of Mastery and Highway of All Longevity

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